Hadis tentang Muamalah Muslim dengan Non-Muslim

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Rino Priatna


This study aims to discuss the hadith about Muslim muamalah with non-Muslims. This study uses a qualitative approach by applying a descriptive-analytical method. The formal object of this research is the science of hadith, while the material object is the hadith about muamalah between Muslims and non-Muslims in the history of Bukhari No. 2330. The results and discussion of this study indicate that the status of quality hadith hasan li ghairihi fulfills the qualifications of maqbul ma'mul bih for Islamic practice. This study concludes that the hadith narrated by Bukhari No. 2330 is relevant to use as evidence in carrying out muamalah activities between a Muslim and a non-Muslim.


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Rino Priatna, UIN Sunan Gunung Djati Bandung

Jurusan Studi Agama-Agama, Fakultas Ushuluddin