Pandangan Islam tentang Pluralisme: Analisis Tafsir Maudhu’i

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Hasna Rafidah Salsabila
Husna Dhiya’ul Ilmi
Khalishah Sajidah
Lindiani Nur Fadillah
Asep Abdul Muhyi


This article discusses Islam and pluralism using the method of maudhu’i interpretation. In facing increasingly pluralistic societies, Islam teaches to respect differences and promote harmony among religious communities. However, this view is still debated by some Islamic groups who chose an exclusive approach to other religions. In this article, the author analyzes Quranic verses and Hadiths related to pluralism and links them to the historical and social context when these verses were revealed. From the analysis, the author concludes that Islam encourages respecting differences and promoting harmony among religious communities. Therefore, the maudhu’i interpretation approach can be an effective tool to understand Islam’s views on pluralism in increasingly pluralistic societies.



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