Islam dalam Lembaga Negara: Analisis Tafsir Maudhu’i

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Dzul Adli Mudzoffar Al Arifi
Evan Raif
Fatur Rahmat Saifullah Tawil
Hikmawan Akbar
Asep Abdul Muhyi


The purpose of this research is to study more broadly related to state institutions and Islam. This study used a qualitative method with data collection using the maudhu'i interpretation method. The formal object of research is about the science of interpretation. The material object is a state institution in QS. Saba verse 15 and QS. Al-balad verses 1 and 2. The results of the discussion of this study are that the verses studied through the perspective of maudhu'i interpretation have a clear basis for explaining to the people and can be practiced. This research concludes that QS. Saba verse 15 and QS. Al-balad verses 1 and 2 are relevant for use as a basis for practice in state institutions.


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