Gunung Djati Conference Series <p><strong>Gunung Djati Conference Series</strong> is a society-owned scientific publisher, providing impact, recognition and value for the scientific community.</p> <p>We work closely with researchers, librarians and partners publishing to produce conference series.</p> UIN Sunan Gunung Djati Bandung en-US Gunung Djati Conference Series 2774-6585 Akses Pendidikan Bagi Perempuan di Tengah Belenggu Patriarki Kota Bandung <p><em>This study discusses gender and education. In the field of education, women have always been subordinated, because women are always considered inferior (weak) and men are superior (strong). In education, there is no reason to discriminate against each other between men and women. There are four things identified from this study (1) The context of access to women's education, (2) the form of access to women's education, (3) the patriarchal context of women's access to education, (4) the form of patriarchy and stereotypes in women's access to education. This research uses Marxist conflict theory which states that gender injustice is not due to biological factors, but because of oppression from superior to inferior. Data analysis in this study was carried out during the interview process. Interviews were conducted by researchers on 3 female students in grade 12. The method used in this study is a descriptive qualitative method to describe the results of the analysis in more depth. The conclusion in this study is that there is still a patriarchal system that parents teach their daughters, in order to submit to every speech or command of men.</em></p> Najwa Nuraeni Rini Sulastri Copyright (c) 2024 Najwa Nuraeni, Rini Sulastri 2024-01-24 2024-01-24 39 1 8 Analisis Bias Gender Dalam Iklan Super Pell <p><em>The media in its development has its own influence on people's point of view. Likewise, gender issues are also part of the media scheme itself. This article discusses gender issues, namely gender bias in the advertising media for the television show "Super Pell" using sociological analysis in it. This research uses qualitative research methodology with a qualitative descriptive approach. Qualitative research methodology that uses secondary data sources, in the form of a study of literature related to the problem or juduk in this article in the form of books, journal articles, and other data sources. The results of the research are gender equality and gender injustice or imbalance. Women can be able to do work outside the domestic, but because of the patriarchal culture are still placed as households.</em></p> Muhammad Eko Riyadi Rini Sulastri Copyright (c) 2024 Muhammad Eko Riyadi, Rini Sulastri 2024-01-24 2024-01-24 39 9 16 Cyber Sexual Harrasment dalam Media Sosial Instagram <p><em>Based on several studies, most of the internet is used to access social media, for example Instagram which is used by Indonesian people. This will of course have positive and negative impacts, one of the positive impacts is that it makes it easier for people to communicate. Meanwhile, the negative impact is that it brings new problems, namely online-based crimes, one of which is cyber sexual harassment. Many individuals don't know what forms of cyber sexual harassment exist on Instagram. Therefore, researchers will describe the forms of cyber sexual harassment and the factors that cause cyber sexual harassment based on Erving Goffman's dramaturgical theory. The research method used is descriptive qualitative. The research results found 5 forms of cyber sexual harassment on Instagram, namely (1) spamming, (2) visual harassment, (3) verbal harassment, (4) doxing and (5) fake accounts. The factor causing cyber sexual harassment on Instagram social media is based on Erving Goffman's theory, namely, imperfect self-control in expressing oneself creates gaps in themselves to become victims of cyber sexual harassment</em></p> Puput Mulyani Rini Sulastri Copyright (c) 2024 Puput Mulyani, Rini Sulastri 2024-01-24 2024-01-24 39 17 23 Kekerasan Terhadap Perempuan Di Media Online <p><em>Current technological developments have made online media a source of information. More and more news about gender inequality in women appears on online media. This is caused by a lack of understanding of the meaning of gender equality, so that the lack of understanding gives rise to many gender inequalities, especially for women. The researcher's aim in researching this problem is to find out what gender inequality looks like, what factors cause gender inequality to emerge and what is behind the occurrence of cases of gender inequality in online media. The methodology used in this research is qualitative through analysis of online media data. The data taken by researchers was in the form of platforms in online media such as TikTok, Instagram and YouTube. The conclusion that can be drawn from this research is that this research aims to increase insight regarding the importance of understanding gender, especially in online media. Because gender inequality can occur at any time and by anyone.</em></p> Reza Eka Sholehudin Rini Sulastri Copyright (c) 2024 Reza Eka Sholehudin, Rini Sulastri 2024-01-24 2024-01-24 39 24 30 Kesetaraan Gender di Dunia Industri Kota Tangerang <p><em>Gender differences are actually not a problem as long as they do not lead to gender injustice. However, in reality, gender differences have led to various forms of injustice, not only against men but also especially against women. The forms of gender injustice that women get are factors that influence women taking part in the world of work. The interesting thing to study in this mini research is the problem of discrimination of women in the world of labor. although women work, their work is considered a side job. Women's position is defined by their relationship with men. The purpose of this research is to find out the forms of gender injustice experienced by women in the world of employment and what factors are obstacles to women taking part in the labor industry sector in Indonesia. Researchers used a descriptive qualitative approach method to find out directly, in detail and in reality the state of the object in accordance with the conditions of the research site. Gender inequality is reflected in various forms of inequality such as stereotyping, double burden, marginalization, and acts of violence. The low level of education obtained by women makes them unable to compete in the industrial sector.</em></p> Sahda Febbina Shalim Rini Sulastri Copyright (c) 2024 Sahda Febbina Shalim, Rini Sulastri 2024-01-24 2024-01-24 39 31 38 Kesetaraan Hak Antara Karyawan Laki-Laki Dan Perempuan Di Kebun Binatang Bandung <p><em>In the development of the tourism industry, men and women have their own roles according to their own capacity when building local tourism. This research focuses on the Bandung Zoo, which is a favorite recreational and educational tourist destination for residents of Bandung and its surroundings. The purpose of the research is to find out the equality of male and female employees within the scope of the tourism industry to achieve their justice. The author also finds out about the manager's management in fulfilling the rights of its employees in every aspect. The author uses a qualitative approach as the method used. In the data collection process, the author uses interview techniques in the data collection process. The data collected is processed into a descriptive narrative about the equal rights of male and female employees at the Bandung Zoo. In the results of the study, the manager, namely the Tamansari Wildlife Foundation, was able to be fair to all employees, both men and women. The employees are given the same opportunity to work which is proven by competence. Then, the manager can be fair in all aspects of the work.</em></p> Irgi Yudha Prawira Rini Sulastri Copyright (c) 2024 Irgi Yudha Prawira, Rini Sulastri 2024-01-24 2024-01-24 39 39 44 Pemberdayaan Perempuan dalam Pembangunan Ekonomi di Karawang <p><em>Women's empowerment in the context of economic development has a central role in creating inclusiveness and sustainable growth. In Karawang, the role of women's entrepreneurship in economic development is an important issue that requires in-depth understanding. This research aims to measure the extent to which women's entrepreneurship can be an instrument of empowerment in increasing economic development in this area. This research methodology uses a qualitative approach, with data collection through in-depth interviews and surveys. Respondents consisted of women involved in entrepreneurial activities in various economic sectors in Karawang. The results of this research show that although women in Karawang face a number of obstacles in entering the world of entrepreneurship, they have great potential to contribute to local economic development. Empowering women through entrepreneurship can improve women's living standards and encourage inclusive economic growth. Empowerment programs that support women's entrepreneurship are identified as key to achieving better outcomes.</em></p> Rahma Andita Sari Rini Sulastri Copyright (c) 2024 Rahma Andita Sari, Rini Sulastri 2024-01-24 2024-01-24 39 45 53 Representasi Stereotype Laki-laki dalam Lirik Lagu The Lucky Lacky “Aku Bukanlah Superman” <p><em>Music is an expression of feelings expressed through writing and tones. This article explores the relationship between music, gender, and social representation in song lyrics, with a focus on the song "I'm Not Superman." In addition, this article tries to understand how local values influence gender ideas in the Indonesian cultural context. The research method used is descriptive qualitative with analysis of song lyrics as a data source. The research results show that the lyrics of this song explore the humanity and vulnerability of a man, challenging the stigma of traditional masculinity. There are stereotypical gender roles reflected in society, which expect men to remain strong and restrain their emotions. In the lyrics of the song, the singer may be trying to celebrate human vulnerability and diversity, as well as challenge gender norms that give rise to certain stigmas. The analysis also looks at the representation of men in song lyrics, where fathers are the main actors who provide education and rules to children, giving rise to the construction of stigma against men. It is hoped that this research will increase awareness of the role of music in gender Stereotype and spark discussion about positive gender representation in music media.</em></p> Luthfi Hanif Fakharoenvissa Rini Sulastri Copyright (c) 2024 Luthfi Hanif Fakharoenvissa, Rini Sulastri 2024-01-24 2024-01-24 39 54 59 Soft Masculinity Masyarakat Urban Muhammad Dwi Saputra Rini Sulastri Copyright (c) 2024 Muhammad Dwi Saputra, Rini Sulastri 2024-01-24 2024-01-24 39 60 69 Stigmatisasi Pengguna Media Sosial Pada Perempuan Bertato Studi Pada Akun Instagram @Nathalieholscher <p><em>The purpose of this study is to describe women and Instagram social media and to explore and understand more about stigma that arise against tattooed women in the comments of @nathalieholscher's Instagram account. Women actively use Instagram to convey emotions, express themselves, and share aspects of their daily lives. A video post on @nathalieholscher's Instagram account featuring a tattoo on her arm received many disapproving comments and created a negative stigma. The relevant stigma in this case includes negative comments towards women with tattoos. To examine the phenomenon of stigma towards women with tattoos, this research uses the theory proposed by Eving Goffman regarding the components of stigma consisting of labelling, stereotyping, separation, and discrimination. This study uses a qualitative research method with the type and approach of content analysis which is focused on tracing and analyzing the comments of Instagram social media users. The results of this study show that women, especially those with tattoos, need to be wise in managing their use of social media to avoid negative stigma. In the upload of the Instagram account @Nathalieholscher showing off the tattoos on her arms triggered a negative response which included the stigma components of labeling found 9 (nine) data, stereotyping 3 (three) data, separation 3 (three) data, and discrimination 5 (five) data.</em></p> Hanifah Abidah Rini Sulastri Copyright (c) 2024 Hanifah Abidah, Rini Sulastri 2024-01-24 2024-01-24 39 70 78 Kualitas Pelayanan Publik Pada PLN Mobile <p><em>Technological advances provide benefits in public services to the community, especially at PT. PLN (Persero). Utilization of technology with good quality can provide satisfaction for the community itself. This research is entitled "Improving the Quality of PLN Public Services Through the Use of Technology to Create Community Satisfaction". This research aims to determine public satisfaction in improving the quality of public services. The approach methodology uses quantitative methods with techniques for analyzing substances and scraping data from various internet sources. The diagram shows that 10,000 PLN Mobile 8000 users gave a 5star rating, 1000 users gave a 1 star, 500 users gave a 4 star, and 200 users gave a 2 star, and there were no 3 stars. By increasing the efficiency and quality of public services using PLN Mobile, it is easier for people to access information related to electricity services. This can also increase PLN's transparency, accountability and sense of responsibility to the community</em>.</p> Marlina Isna Nur Aulia Muhammad Dzikri Mustopa Mutiara Zulfa Copyright (c) 2024 Marlina Isna Nur Aulia, Muhammad Dzikri Mustopa, Mutiara Zulfa 2024-01-24 2024-01-24 39 79 84 Analisis Sentimen Komentar Pengguna Aplikasi SAMBARA di Google Playstore <p><em>In the current era of globalization, there are numerous aspects that can be utilized&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;by&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;all humankind, particularly in harnessing technological advancements, one of which is in the field of governance, especially public services. One of the public services that can leverage technological progress is the Samsat service. One of its applications is the creation of the SAMBARA Application (Samsat Mobile for West Java). The SAMBARA Application represents a technological innovation aimed at facilitating access and financial management for its users. With a range of provided features, this application offers practical solutions in managing financial transactions, making payments, and providing up-to-date information regarding financial matters. This article aims to optimize the integrated system within the Sambara application to enhance the quality of services to a more superior level. The system development method encompasses a thorough analysis of user needs, technological infrastructure upgrades, and enhancement of application functionality. Research results indicate that through the implementation of this strategy, the Sambara application can provide more efficient, responsive services, consequently enhancing user satisfaction. System optimization within the Sambara application is a crucial step toward achieving the superior service standards expected by users.</em></p> Muhammad Furqon Mulyaddin Muhammad Ramadhan Mahendra Muthia Dewi Rabbani Copyright (c) 2024 Muhammad Furqon Mulyaddin, Muhammad Ramadhan Mahendra, Muthia Dewi Rabbani 2024-01-24 2024-01-24 39 85 91 Analisis Sentimen Komentar Pengguna Mobile JKN di Google Play Store <p><em>The government continues to strive to improve the quality of public health through the social security system. One of them is launching the Mobile JKN health service application, which with one hand the government can make it easier for the public to access good health information and services. However, in the implementation of the Mobile JKN application there are many obstacles when accessed by users, therefore research was carried out with the aim of seeing public satisfaction regarding the health services provided by the government through the JKN mobile application. Researchers used qualitative research methods with a literature study approach. The research results prove that the government still has to evaluate and improve the Mobile JKN application in an effort to optimize Mobile JKN services, this is because users who give negative reviews dominate all reviews compared to users who give positive reviews, which means that people's needs have not been met. On the other hand, some people feel the benefits of the Mobile JKN application because it can save time and energy.</em></p> Moh. Ilham Ramdhan Muhammad Iqbal Nurdiansyah Nadia Nur Amalia Copyright (c) 2024 Moh. Ilham Ramdhan, Muhammad Iqbal Nurdiansyah, Nadia Nur Amalia 2024-01-24 2024-01-24 39 92 100 Analisis Sentimen Komentar Pengguna Info BMKG di Google Play Store <p><em>Climate change that is currently occurring is a challenge for every human being and even for the sustainability of the country. The impact of climate change is so great that it requires a preventive effort that can overcome &nbsp;or&nbsp; minimize &nbsp;the &nbsp;possibility &nbsp;of this &nbsp;impact&nbsp; occurring. Through optimizing the BMKG info application, it is hoped that the impact of climate change can be prevented because of the climatological information in it. Through a sampling of public comments on the BMKG info application, it is known what should be considered by the developer of this application in its optimization ranging from notifications, accuracy, regional coverage, to widgets.</em></p> Lilis Yulia Fitriah Muhammad Daffa Fauzan Mohammad Raamdhan Ibnu Maulana Copyright (c) 2024 Lilis Yulia Fitriah, Muhammad Daffa Fauzan, Mohammad Raamdhan Ibnu Maulana 2024-01-24 2024-01-24 39 101 106 Peran Pers Dalam Menanggulangi Hoaks Pemilu <p><em>This research aims to find out the role of the press in disseminating information about elections and policies related to press obligations in this election era. Journalism as the fourth pillar of democracy has a key role in educating the public and providing space for public participation in order to actively participate in maintaining democracy. During the election period, where political tensions and competition between parties reach their peak, the existence of journalistic ethics guidelines becomes even more crucial. The formulation of journalistic ethics guidelines policy in the Press Law is a strategic step to ensure that media coverage during elections remains quality, objective, and makes a positive contribution to the democratic process. The document analysis approach is a qualitative method used in the preparation of this article. In addition, in search of relevant data, we as researchers tried to do website scraping on one of the national news sites "". This scraping was done with a focus on election keywords.&nbsp;&nbsp; In conclusion, in this era of democratic parties, it is necessary to reform policies for the press, especially regarding election news where there are several guidelines that should be emphasized to the press to avoid damaging the essence of democratic politics.</em></p> Nesya Desriany Mustapa Nara Rafi Zulfikar Muhammad Alif Athaariq Copyright (c) 2024 Nesya Desriany Mustapa, Nara Rafi Zulfikar, Muhammad Alif Athaariq 2024-01-24 2024-01-24 39 107 114 Analisis Sentimen Mengenai Kepuasan Layanan Aplikasi Salaman Kota Bandung <p><em>This research aims to present strategies for increasing community participation in using the Bandung City Salaman application. This research uses a mixed method approach which will produce better data. Sentiment analysis of the Salaman app shows a high level of satisfaction, with most reviews giving the maximum rating. The success of this application highlights the potential of technology in supporting Good Governance. Active community participation in e-Government programs is considered the main pillar for increasing transparency, accountability and service quality. The Salaman application has the advantage of providing a variety of population service options that are more abundant than similar applications at the Bandung City Population and Civil Registration Service (Disdukcapil). This advantage gives people more choices to fulfill their population administration needs and is one of the reasons the Salaman application is used by many people and gets good reviews from the public.</em></p> Maulidina Rahayu Muhammad Alif Rafi Budiman Mochammad Fachri Syaripudin Copyright (c) 2024 Maulidina Rahayu, Muhammad Alif Rafi Budiman, Mochammad Fachri Syaripudin 2024-01-24 2024-01-24 39 115 121 Efektivitas Aplikasi JSS Sebagai Implementasi E-Government Kota Yogyakarta <p><em>The rapid development of technology in recent years has led to several changes in various lines of life. One of them has an impact on the government sector, several new policies are now present along with the development of technology. The use of technology in the government&nbsp; bureaucracy&nbsp; can improve&nbsp; city management&nbsp; functions. The presence&nbsp; of e- government is one of the steps of utilizing technology in the government bureaucracy, especially in the field of public services. One of the cities in Indonesia that i mplements e- government is Yogyakarta City, Yogyakarta City Government has a public service application, namely the Jogja Smart Service Application. The purpose of this research is to determine the effectiveness of the JSS application in the implementation of e-government in Yogyakarta City. This research was conducted using mixed methods. Mixed method is a combined method between qualitative methods as well as quantitative methods. Qualitative method data collection techniques use literature studies while quantitative methods use descriptive methods. The population of this study was 5000 people of Yogyakarta City who used the JSS Application. The sample in the study was 1200 people of Yogyakarta City who used the JSS Application. It can be concluded that the Jogja Smart Service (JSS) application is not yet fully effective. This JSS application already has a target achievement of orderly population administration to make it a city hall in cyberspace. However, this application is not yet adaptive because of the many problems that occur in this application.</em></p> Nabila Nur’aini Muhamad Faisal Abdul Latif Naufal Falah Ardiansyah Copyright (c) 2024 Nabila Nur’aini, Muhamad Faisal Abdul Latif, Naufal Falah Ardiansyah 2024-01-24 2024-01-24 39 122 128 Penerapan Kebijakan Digitalisasi Pelayanan Publik Pada Aplikasi BPOM Mobile <p><em>E-Government or Electronic Government is the use of information and communication technology (ICT) to provide public services and improve government efficiency and transparency. This article discusses one of the agencies that implement the E-Government system, namely the BPOM (Food and Drug Monitoring Agency). BPOM implements the E- Government system by issuing an application called BPOM Mobile. The purpose of the BPOM Mobile application is to make it easier for the public to ascertain whether the medicines and food sold around the community are registered or not. Therefore, the author conducted this research with the aim of finding data on whether the community has been helped in the E-Government process at BPOM. The research method in this paper uses the sentiment analysis method which is used to find data on the assessment of the community regarding the BPOM Mobile application by scraping data from the Google Play Store application. From the results of this analysis, it can be concluded that the community assesses that the BPOM Mobile application is still not effective in providing E-Government- based services. Therefore, the authors provide suggestions for the BPOM Mobile application to make it even better in the process of E-Government services to the public, the suggestions given involve making a website that is more accessible and easy to create, update, and maintain.</em></p> Nakhla Naqiyya Qonita Muhammad Luthfi Rokhish Muhammad Naufal Faruq Copyright (c) 2024 Nakhla Naqiyya Qonita, Muhammad Luthfi Rokhish, Muhammad Naufal Faruq 2024-01-24 2024-01-24 39 129 135